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Frontline Voices on Language Access.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

From June of 2012 to September of 2013, the  Language Access and Advocacy Program has been  proactively identifying areas of improvement at the DC government agencies named under the Language Access Act by meeting and establishing relationships with frontline employees at local nonprofit organizations who serve limited or no-English proficient residents. 

The information from the nonprofits, in turn, has helped OLA’s Language Access Program to focus its attention on those agencies that seem to be encountering the most challenges when complying with the expectations of the Language Access Law. 

The program has also focused its attention on selected sites of those previously identified agencies to collect in-person interviews with government employees and to do site visits to see how public service centers work on a daily basis.

This feedback collected from the nonprofits and government agencies has helped OLA’s Language Access and Advocacy program to identify specific agencies needing technical support, to focus on areas of improvement, and to provide concrete recommendations on how DC government agencies may improve their services for Spanish speaking residents of the District of Columbia with limited or no-English proficiency.

To read OLA’s Language Access Program’s reports, please see below:

FY2013 OLA Report on “Accessing and Providing: Frontline Voices on Language Access” (Full Report)

FY2013 OLA Report on “Accessing and Providing: Frontline Voices on Language Access” (Abridged Report)